Cah Squid Kale (Cumi Cah Kangkung)

For those of you who are bored with the usual sauteed spinach and it was just fine, now we will give kale different recipes and is typical of one of the regions in Indonesia, Jambi and of course you can try to make at home.

Jambi culinary turned out to have no less interesting with dishes from other regions. They have a recipe sauteed kale quite unique supplemented with fresh squid with fresh fish sauce flavor. The cuisine is often called Cah Squid Kale.

In making Cah Squid Kale actually almost the same water spinach with sauteed kale in general. But different is the provision of squid on the sauteed spinach and spices used. Cah Squid Kale making it different from the others.

Cah Squid Kale
Recipes Cah Squid Kale Typical Jambi has manufacturing process is very simple and easy to put into practice. So, we are sure you can practice at home. Of course, Cah Squid Kale this Watercress have health benefits if we look at the composition of the food.

Squid, behind the meat is chewy and sweet, save a myriad of health giving properties. As an example of them, the black ink of squid appeared to have anti-angiogenic properties that could prevent the growth of tumor cells.

Black ink of squid can prevent the growth of new blood vessels that can cause cancer cells and tumors. In addition, the squid can reduce the content of cholesterol in our blood. Kale itself benefits to our health turns kale contain good anti-toxin to relieve ulcer disease to skin care. In addition watercress can also override constipation due to high in fiber. Kale also offers an iron content of 2.5 grams per 100 grams of good to increase hemoglobin in our blood. Vitamin A from kale is quite high, as good nutrition for eye health. Not to mention kandungn some typical spices used. So kale has a myriad of benefits to our bodies that consume them.

By looking at the myriad benefits, it seems you do not hesitate in making Cah Squid Kale, because of course must be healthy and delicious.

No need to linger longer, we will explain to you about simplicity Kale Recipes of Cah Squid Kale Typical Jambi to you. Please be listened to.


  • Fresh calamari size being about 500 grams. Rinse the squid and cut into pieces according to taste and lateral gurati squid meat inside.
  • Local garlic 3 pieces. Garlic puree with pulverized way.
  • 2 bunches watercress already weeded or cleaned and cut into pieces according to your taste.
  • 2 tablespoons margarine
  • 1 tablespoon fish sauce
  • 1 teaspoon sesame oil
  • 100 ml water
  • ½ teaspoon salt

How to make the Recipes of Cah Squid Kale Typical in Jambi:

  1. Prepare skillet, light the fire and then enter tumislah margarine and garlic paste this until fragrant smell.
  2. Enter the squid pieces, put fish sauce, sesame oil, then enter 100 ml of water and season to taste salt to taste. Stir all ingredients until well blended.
  3. Enter the kale and cook briefly until kale becomes slightly wilted while occasionally stirred. This is so that kale can be mixed well with the sauce.
  4. After wilting means Cah Squid Kale is ready to be lifted.
  5. Serve for families.

Is that as simple as how to cook? Her answer "yes", because the real Indonesian cuisine was quite simple and easy to put into practice, including Squid Cah Kale is very easy in the manufacturing process. The important thing you have the will and intention. Especially for you are a housewife, Cah Squid Kale can be an alternative or a variation of your daily menu. Guaranteed you definitely more loved by her husband and the atmosphere will be warm in your house. Recipes Cah Squid Kale typical in Jambi Watercress is almost the same with sauteed kale in general. But it's unique to distinguish with other spinach dishes.

Cah Squid Kale
In addition, we remind to you to always memastikkan if all the ingredients are already clean dishes protected from dirt and all sorts. Especially for kale, make sure you clean it properly. Cah Squid Kale so that you serve really sterile and healthy.

That's the recipe this time we can share to you, may be useful and add insight to the Indonesian cuisine is very diverse. See also other interesting vegetable recipes and share with your friends.

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Cah Squid Kale (Cumi Cah Kangkung)
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