Kanji Rumbi Porridge (Bubur Kanji Rumbi)

Anybody would have never tried this food. Porridge indeed the breakfast menu is the choice of many people in the morning before the activity. This is because the pulp can be served quickly and easily.

Therefore, many people who sell porridge outskirt roads, especially in the mornings and afternoons. The workers often stop by to shop porridge for breakfast to fill their stomachs. It was a tasty make everyone love it. Many variations porridge offered by the seller. There is served with eggs, bacon Suwira there is even presented with a cake cakwe. Everything feels good and tasty.

Rumbi Kanji Porridge
But have you ever tasted the Rumbi Kanji Porridge which is typical of Aceh? Rumbi Kanji Porridge is essentially the same as a porridge in general. But what sets it apart is the spice of materials used and the manufacturing process. This porridge served with diced chicken, boiled shrimp and fried onions. Of course this will add savory this food.

Other typical ingredients used to make it was like coriander, pepper, fennel, anise, cinnamon, onion, nutmeg, and ginger. Spices that make Porridge will feel warm and smelling spices. How to make the Porridge was a little different from how to make Porridge in general. Ingredients and spices was not inserted directly into the boiling Porridge. But wrapped in cheesecloth. It is of course to reduce the amount of spices mixed in a Porridge that may otherwise be wrapped spices will also be eaten. If you corious about how to manufacture. Listen Recipes Savoury Rumbi Kanji Porridge Aceh following.

Rumbi Kanji Porridge ingredients:

  • Soak and wash rice about ¼ kilogram
  • Rinse chickens
  • 250 grams of boiled shrimp
  • Fried onion to taste
  • Salt to taste

Fine Seasoning Ingredients:

  • As many as 1 tablespoon coriander
  • As much as 1 teaspoon pepper
  • Anise as much as 1 teaspoon
  • Deaf 3 pieces
  • Cinnamon size of 1 knuckles
  • Red onion as much as 8 points
  • Sized ginger ginger knuckles
  • Nutmeg ½ fruit

(wrap all the ingredients with a thin cloth)

Rumbi Kanji Porridge

How To Make Rumbi Kanji Porridge:

  1. First prepare the pan without oil and toasted rice to discolored or yellowed. Then lift and grow rough rice.
  2. Next prepare the pan, put the rice and chicken to the pan, add water and boil until the chicken becomes tender and the rice into Porridge.
  3. After that, remove the chicken and cut into cubes of chicken. Set aside chicken pieces.
  4. Enter seasoning wrapped in soft cloth dengann earlier in Porridge stew that is still in the pot. Give a little salt.
  5. The next stage live presentation, after Porridge cooked, serve Porridge in the bowl along with a sprinkling of pieces of chicken, boiled shrimp and fried onions.
  6. Rumbi Kanji Porridge is ready to be enjoyed.

For those of you who want to try a different Porridge, you should try the typical Porridge Aceh. Guaranteed you will get a different sensation of eating Porridge.It feels warm, due to the spices used, will make your throat and body come to be warm. Very good for your health.

Maybe it was just Recipes Savoury Rumbi Kanji Porridge That I can share to you. May be inspirational ideas for you and your family.

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Kanji Rumbi Porridge (Bubur Kanji Rumbi)
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